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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom ~ Anais Nin ❤

Meet Michelle…

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Michelle Cross is the inspirational and motivational teacher behind YogaRelax, she strives to bring out the light in every person; her infectious passion for Yoga is apparent in her classes and shines through as an intense desire to help others feel the Grace of Yoga that transformed her life and continues to do so.. She is honoured to teach thousands to step into their power and relax into their radiance! and hopes to help you!

She shares with you the path of Tantra Yoga, Yoga therapeutics and the healing holistic therapy treatments and Holistic Life Coaching that she has practised for over 25 years

I live and breath Tantra Yoga, especially the Feminine Tantra Yoga practices that honour the Divine Feminine within. We all have a masculine and feminine side to us, many women I meet are gripping and holding on so tightly they are more in their masculine over analytical, logical linear side. how do i know, I was her! then I met Tantra and feminine practices and so I teach from experience and my heart. I specialise in empowering women and awakening them to their unique power that isn’t in the grip of life, the key is to surrender and soften – yep that’s right. if you’re a woman who’s yearning for something else or a man who wishes to enhance your female relationships and come into your more creative expression – then get in touch!

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Mythical Yoga Flow

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Imagine connecting with an energy within you that awakens you to feel vibrant, alive, harmonious, happy, open and strong as you move through life…I share the practice of Tantra Yoga with you, weaving mantra, mudra, meditation, asana, pranayama and kriya to awaken your heart, and the heart is the heart of everything!

The yoga I teach is Tantric Mythical Yoga Flow, it weaves the inspirational myths and metaphors of the stories behind yoga from ancient India and shares their potency for this present modern day through soulful vinyasa. My inspirational storytelling draws you deeper into the symbolism of these myths and stories, which have the power to help you to realise your fullest potential. This potent potential lies dormant until bring it to light. let me help you to bring it to light!

Are you ready to light up? My creative sequencing births soulful vinyasa where I invite you to invoke the breath that leads the movement, cultivating a mindful meditation in motion. The Tantric Mythical Flow Yoga becomes a playful blend of challenging, yet liberating, uplifting yet grounding classes, infused with my infectious love of these stories creates a truly inspiring class. read more here

Each year I set an Intention for my teachings, my life and everything I practice is infused with it. This year 2015, I am continuing to honour all the cycles of life, the Woman and her power in all beautiful forms. Yet My Intention is awakening to the fact that He is always within HEr and so I Honour the Sacred Union ~ A Deep Connection ~ The Dance of Creation. Yes, we all have a male and female side to us, this year I truly wish for you to awaken to the deep knowing within from the creative juices within… read more on my first blog for 2015!

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Practice with me

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I am based in Barbados, a dream come true! (that’s another story :-) on my blog!

So here’s how I practice Yoga with You!

ॐ 1-1 Skype Yoga – email to book your session
Online Yoga Class downloads here
~  audio classes recorded live in my London Studio
~ see my flow & help you with audio of the classes above!
London Classes & workshops through the year

25 January ~ kick start January heart intention workshop
1 February ~ New Moon Sadhana
4 May ~ Full Moon Sadhana
10 May ~ Sacred Union Workshop, A Tantric wedding
2 July ~ Full Moon Sadhana
12 July ~ Shakti Service :: Play to Awaken your fullest potential as a woman. Fine Tune the Instrument of your body, to make sweet music
31 July ~ Full Moon Sadhana

ॐ Delicious Moon Sadhana ~ connect your life cycle with that of the universe. join me each month download moon sadhana classes
ॐ 1-1 Yoga when in London – book in advance
ॐ Inspirational blogs t0 keep you inspired
ॐ Inspiration on Facebook

I look forward to sharing with you
with l o v e,

Michelle x

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10th May Sacred Union Workshop

In this workshop you will explore both your Masculine (Shiva) and Feminine (Shakti) sides in the dance of creation. Everything in your experience in life, is held within a relationship, together we will explore the intimacy of relationship… It begins with a Tantric wedding and this workshop is your invitation – are you ready to attend? take your place and truly be part of the Sacred Union? accept your invitation to the Sacred Union Tantri wedding here 



2 July Full Moon Sadhana

now at the mid way point of the year, the full moon is an opportunity for you to observe
where you have come from?
and where you are going to?
Under the FULL MOON gaze lovingly over your whole life with the fullness of your own being.. more details on Full Moon Sadhana here email me to reserve your place – these events get booked up quick!

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More Info

Michelle Cross & YogaRelax serves and inspires individuals and the global cOMmUNITY in ways that enhance, empower and encourage the full spectrum of life.

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Holistic Healing Treatments helping YOU to Relax and Re-new Your Body and Mind

My treatments allow you the time and space to reflect on what is happening in your life so that you can get even more out of it, whilst easing any tensions or stress or help to heal any health conditions.

Visit and you can choose from :

Yoga Therapeutics
Deep tissue massage
Hot stone massage
Natural face lift
Healthing holistic restorative massage
Pregnancy treatments
Baby massage

My extensive knowledge of working with the body and mind through complementary therapies, yoga and yoga therapeutics helps me to create a bespoke experience for you.

For Yoga therapeutics I employ different techniques to help you to realign, experience better posture easily, to heal injuries, get out of pain and move into the realm of healing and transformationon on all levels quickly; I have used and practiced these techniques during my own personal experiences – so I know they work, that’s why I am passionate about sharing them with you!

For more information on my Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki classes, please email me.

Yes, I want to know more of these relaxing, therapeutic treatments please!

Visit for a detailed description of each therapy and YogaRelax’s therapy business.