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About me

My Name is Michelle Cross and this is my journey with Yoga…

Michelle Cross & YogaRelax serves and inspires individuals and the global cOMmUNITY in ways that enhance, empower and encourage the full spectrum of life.

me2012My mission is to light a path for personal transformation and healing through Yoga, health and wellness programmes, classes, retreats, courses and treatments, so the world we live in is also enriched.

My intention is to light a path and encourage you to becOMe more of who you already are and fulfill your potential! I Teach you to Step into your Power!! I am dedicated in offering a nurturing environment where each person explores themselves. As an ever expanding cOMmUNITY we seek to live from our fullest potential and embrace all life on and off the mat. My mission is to help people to thrive with ever blossoming radiance, self confidence, harmony and unity.
do you wish to truly thrive in life not just survive?

I am described as an inspirational and motivational Yoga teacher who strives to bring out the light in every person. It is a tribute that reflects my passion to share Yoga and all its many benefits. This dedication to share Yoga is apparent in my classes, workshops and retreats – it shines through as an intense desire to help others feel the grace of Yoga and experience that natural delight that transformed my life over ten years ago and continues to do so in every moment.

I continue to evolve, expand and open up to the currents of Yoga; I teach what I practice passionately from my heart. I have my ups and downs in life, I forget the deeper practices of Yoga, only to re-connect with them and feel the passion pulse through my veins again with new vigour, to only offer this more to you. I am on this journey of enquiry, a yearning, the connection to a deeper knowing,  and receive it. My journey continues and although I have the privilege to teach the ancient philosophy of Yoga, I am still very much a student of it. This doesn’t mean I ignore the darker sides of life or my life, I honour them, learn from them and bring the darkness to light…. these times are and have been my greatest teachers and I share what I learn with you…

I found my purpose in life, to live and breathe Yoga and share it from my heart! I want to help you find your purpose, in the East this is called Dharma, your life’s purpose, why you are here, what you yearn for – would you like to connect with your purpose and live it? the journey of discovery  I wish to help you…

My love is to flow with the breath and move from within, delighting in the present moment of the dance of Yoga, it helps me discover more about me. that is why I am passionate about Vinyasa Flow as it evokes movement, freedom and creativity as I synchronise my body,mind and breath with the love in my heart. Vinyasa means to place in a special way… How you place the hands, feet, how you move in and out of each pose with the breath leading the way, moves the whole practice into one in which it becOMes and embodied prayer that holds you in the present moment in your own heart and essence. It becomes a meditation in motion

My teaching is also influenced with strong alignment principles from Anusara yoga which I personally find liberating. They helped to heal my body in 2012 when after food poisoning I couldn’t walk or move without feeling immense pain. I had never felt pain like it, I remember thinking I can deal with broken heart but this…! the lesson here for me was to surrender, to receive, to let go and I received alignment from Anusara Yoga Therapeutics, which transformed my alignment. With this practice and treatments I slowly healed, walked again as if stepping into a new me, and it is from this place I teach and share…

hanumanasana MichelleI am a story teller, using the myths and metaphors of Yoga, Indian spiritual culture to honour the lineage and roots of yoga, an ancient tradition that gives the listener the opportunity to open up their intuitive awareness of their own inner truths, thus allowing them to connect with the rhythms and energies of the universe…for me there is so much symbology in life, if you SEEk it!I use heart orientated themes in all my teachings weaved with the flow so the dance with the Divine is even more delightful.

I observe my students daring to dig deeper and conquer the limited concept they may have of themselves, to reveal their true innate potential shine through the power of Yoga. For me, this is an honour and a privilege, especially when they share their personal and emotional experiences with me.

I am passionate about Yoga on & off the mat; I love that you may be on the mat for an hour yet Yoga ripples into your life for all the other hours of the day.

I am deeply grateful for all my teachers past and present who have encouraged me on this journey and also to all of my students who inspire me further. I continue to evolve on my own journey with the support and encouragement from great teachers from around the globe. I am deeply grateful to Bridget Kramer-Woods for her compassion, knowledge and love and for opening the door to Tantra. I immerse myself regularly in trainings with  Sianna Sherman online and in person and her teachings offer eloquence, knowledge and freespirited poetry in yoga, that has taken me to new heights and dimensions to teach and in my own sadhana. In 2013 I dived deeper with Shiva Rae into the heart fire immersing myself in a sadhana every 6-8 weeks, I truly feel the global community, living expression of unity on these course has bought me to where I am today ~ strong, vibrant and Randiant, I bow deepest pranam to Shiva for her flow, inspirational fluidity and joyous liberating yoga. and to Noah Maze aim grateful for his story telling, grounding and divine masculine presence.

The beauty of Yoga is the journey not the destination. It is my pleasure to serve you the delights of yoga and nurture  you on your journey, your own path to healing and happiness through the Grace of Yoga.

“O friend, understand: The body is like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures. Open your innermost chamber and light its lamp.” – Mirabai

PranamI bow. I wish to help you light the lamp…

Namaste ♥

Michelle ॐ