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About Yoga

How Yoga enhances Your Life…

“It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.”

BKS Iyengar

Most people have heard about Yoga, however do they know it is more than people performing what some consider contorted postures and positions?

Yoga dates back thousands of years from India. Yoga deals with Universal Truths, however its teachings are as valid in the modern day as they were in ancient times, maybe more so since life has become so hectic and there is more stress nowadays. Yoga gives you the time for yourself; to relax, reflect and allow the body and mind to observe what life throws at them. I practice Yoga to feel better about me, my life and then I happily share this with others.

Yoga Means
Chin MudraYoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuk” literally means yoke or to bind or to come together or to unite. Through the practice of Yoga, the union or the coming together occurs naturally and in its own time, not when you are forcing it, through practice you become one with the practice and it is enjoyable, comfortable and everything comes together harmoniously through your practice and in your life. Yoga gives you the time to connect with your inner self and let it shine radiantly. Yoga intiates the coming together of your individual Self and everything else in the Universe.

Yoga is a complete system of health
When you begin to practice Yoga you start with what you know; the physical body. Yoga stretches the body through the postures, yet subtly it also stretches your mind, your beliefs about yourself, who you are and what you are capable of consciously as well unconsciously. Yoga enhances all aspects of human life, including your health, your breathing, your relationships with others and your behaviour.

Virabhdrasana 3, Warrior 3

In the physical aspect of Yoga, the postures – the Asana practice you focus on your body, breath, the mind, and your heart . These can work separately from one another; however Yoga aims to unite their actions by aligning the body, calming the mind, using the breath to go deeper and then delighting in allowing your innate light, happiness to shine with the flow of Yoga from your heart.

I see Yoga as a mirror, when you are on your Yoga mat you observe your self, your body, how you feel, what has been happening in your life in that present moment. Exploring the body and its power on a physical level and see what it can actually do is beautiful and inspiring. Some benefits through the Asanas are you tone and sculpt the body into shape, increase your physical strength, flexibilty and all your internal organs receive a “workout” keeping them working more efficiently, so you feel better and many stress related health problems diminish.

Read more about the body, breath and mind and how they unite – Yes please tell me more!

Yoga is a system of personal transformation
Some of the postures are challenging, yet the body does it as the body is capable of coping with most things, we just take it for granted.

Though Yoga you use the body as a tool to reveal what is happening physically, then this reveals what is happening in the mind, the emotions and the heart – you might not initially connect with this, then it happens… and you start to blossom and use Yoga differently.

As you build strength in an Asana (posture) and allow your mind to let go just a little and feel your breath move you deeper into the posture, something wonderful happens as you find yourself in the present moment and have let go of all of your cares and worries and then you shine from your heart from the inside out. This is why I and many other people practice Yoga – their inner strength and knowing, as well as their physical strength is enhanced and this gives you increased self-confidence, self-esteem and vigour.

Dani PinchaYou carry this new you, forth in your daily life by finding your centre in other areas of life, which helps you to cope better with the stresses and strains of a hectic life, by looking for the positive and goodness in life, even at the darkest times. Yoga centres you and brings you back to you – essentially good, pure and happy. In time and with more practice, being in the present and the beauty of your own radiance through your yoga practice reflects in your daily life enriching it.

Yoga is about discovering your strengths, your essence, even your limitations and going beyond them, it gives you the opportunity to go beyone the body and step into the sacred. By learning to observe the body and mind without judgement, encourages you to feel comfortable with whom you are, accepting and understanding yourself as you are embrace every quality from your heart and move through your journey of life radiantly – this is a wonderful thing…

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