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Yoga Classes and Workshops in South London (SE)

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My intention is to light a path and encourage you to becOMe more of who you already are and fulfill your potential! I Teach you to Step into your Power!!

What my Teacher Sianna Sherman says about my Teaching

“Michelle is a most vibrant teacher of yoga who helps her students discover the deep ease and peace within. Her guidance is clear, powerful and transformational. Michelle creates an atmosphere of beauty that naturally calls students into their hearts. Her presence is a true gift.”

Weekly Classes – Streatham/West Norwood

Every Tuesday 7.30-9pm

Every Wednesday 7.30-9pm

Every Sunday 11am-12.30pm

pigeonAll classes are held at The hOMe of Yoga Cheviot Road West Norwood. You can drop in, however places are limited  so I need to know who is attending even if its just before the class . I prefer you to book in advance by
emailing here
  or you can call or text on the day 07956 127366 to check availabilty and let me know you’re coming.

**for bookings, T&C’s I do require 48 hours notice to cancel a reserved place, if i fill your place there is no charge…

£10, or if you book 5 or 10 block classes you receive discounts

Every Monday 7.30-8.30pm Pregnancy Yoga Class

at The hOMe of Yoga Cheviot Road, West Norwood, SE27. read more at my pregnancy page on the navigation tabs.Here at Yoga Relax we have having quite a baby boom which over 20 mums conceiving whilst coming to regular classes and then coming to pregnancy classes so you are in capable, trusted hands!  This class so gives optimum tuition, to support you at this special time. During the class we focus on building strength, stamina and use the breath to help facilitate a joyful birth. You’ll have time and space to reflect, observe and nurture yourself as your baby grows through gentler Yoga, breathing and deep relaxation. For this class you need to
reserve your place here
in advance. ~ please look at the Pregnancy page

Full Moon Sadhana over the summer time

With the huge success of the new moon candle light classes in winter,  we honour the Full Moon, with vibrant, bright Full Moon flows to honour the fullness of you over the summer time to autumn. I invite you to Create a sacred ritual to open and embrace the natural cycles of life, which bring you into a fuller rhythm of who you are.

ॐ How can the practice help you to get more in tune with the world and the natural cycles in the universe?

ॐ And how can following the cycles of the moon allow you to become more in tune with cycles of your own life and connect deeper with your inner self?

new-divine-femininehere’s the words of a client after a New Moon class
I felt as if I was in the presence of a strong mother, welcoming and soothing with her candlelight, but simultaneously seeking to embolden and liberate with her focus on groundedness and strength.
I love your classes, Michelle.  Through you, Yoga has become an integral part of my life and I am so happy that I have been able to bring about so many positive changes to my life already.  I look forward to 2014.”

Full Moon Flow classes

vrksasana 13th June 7.30-9pm Special Live Music with Jason KaliDas Lunar Ragas just £10
12th July Full Moon Sadhana
10th August 11-12.30pm
9th September 7.30-9pm
8th October 7.30-9pm Last Full Moon Sadhana

23rd October First New Moon Sadhana

Join me for a delicious  Lunar flow and there’s raw cacao chocolate afterwards too!

Teaching Style

My Classes are powerful, dynamic, rhythmic, liberating, challenging yet meditative, and I love to make them enjoyable! I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga which synchronises forever flowing sequences of poses that are in harmony with the breath leading the way as the guide.Dani Pincha

I am also passionate about Yoga alignment for the highest good. I have found Anusara Yoga alignment priciples which are a liberating way to align with the Divine and use these into my sequences having taken teacher trainings. Each class has a heart orientated theme weaved with yogic principles so that the whole class is a dance of the asanas, synchronised with the breath as you listen to your inner music and evolve with the theme on the mat and then take that into your life.

Discover the deep peace & ease from within, then bring that meditation to motion in fun, liberating, powerful, dynamic, rhythmic flow Yoga. Transform your stress into strength & sweat into your bliss. Relax into your Radiance as you Align your body, mind & heart! I support and encourage you to explore your whole body, mind and heart on the mat, so you resonate from your highest potential, your true radiant nature, and use the journey of Yoga to
(re-)connect deeper with all aspects of yourself and take that forth into your everyday life.

My intention is to light a path and encourage you to becOMe more of who you already are and fulfill your potential! I Teach you to step into your Power!!

Join me on the path of Yoga… – you’ll be glad you did! :-) it’s a phenomenal journey called sadhana

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your teaching, help and support throughout this year. Though I know I am only at the beginning of my yoga journey, it has already been a life changing experience. Pretty much all of my adult life I have participated in some form of fitness training, but the work I have done with you over the last year, even though in it’s infancy, has strengthened and improved me physically, beyond anything I have done before, but perhaps more importantly has helped me to start to understand and build a strength from within, a learning which is invaluable to me and for which I will always be grateful. I welcome the new year and the continuation of this rich and deeply humbling journey.”

Teri Dawkins Dec 2012

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How you feel..
I encourage each person to connect with his or her own body, mind and heart using the breath to guide you further as you flow through the Vinyasa Flow, this connection gives you more energy and calms the nervous system helping you to reduce any stress. I emphasise precise alignment and fluid movement to help improve your posture and build strength in the muscles as well as inner strength so you cope with everyday life more easily. I hope to assist you to see your own unique potential through a regular yoga practice, aligning to something greater and allow your inner radiance to shine so you live life to the full, discovering more about yourself and transforming your life..

Yoga and treatment package
You can also have a one-to-one yoga session followed by a treatment of your choice – a truly, deeply harmonising and relaxing experience just for YOU for 2½ hours prices start from £100.