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Pregnancy & Mums

Support & Nurture Your Well-being Before, During and After Pregnancy…

Prepare for the birth & beyond with confidence!

Yoga is a wonderful way to bring a deeper awareness to the body, mind and heart and what they are capable of on and off the Yoga mat. It helps to facilitate relaxation, so you or your partner become more in tune and open to the experience of becoming pregnant. The Yoga practice of asanas (the postures and flow of movements), the breathing (pranayama) and meditation can help reduce stress associated with becoming pregnant, again helping you to relax. Some of the posture may also have a balancing effect on the reproductive system. Prior to pregnancy a general class may help you on your journey or a retreat or one-to-one session.

Pregnancy Yoga gives you the time and space to listen to your body to become more aware of your body as your pregnancy progresses, while building strength, stamina and confidence. Becoming more aware of your body and using your breath more deeply though yogic breathing helps you to be mindful during the Yoga on your mat and you can take this new awareness into your life. Yoga helps you to centre, focus, improves balance, improves posture, and alleviates aches and pains if they occur in your pregnancy. Yoga also promotes confidence within and of course essential relaxation – the baby too responds well – if you are happy this is the best start for your growing baby.

Being pregnant is a transformative and natural state in a woman’s life. l hope to empower you, support you, and nurture you through Yoga to listen to your body instinctively. I hope you will learn new ways of thinking and allow your body to guide you through your Yoga practice as it develops and then use this enlightened knowledge of breathing techniques and some Yoga postures during the actual birth process and then beyond. I have several clients who have found Yoga has assisted them enormously during the birth as the classes support you up to this time so you are more confident about the process and your power as a woman.


“Thank you so much for your classes, the techniques really helped to keep me moving throughout the pregnancy and the labour.”

“My husband was amazed at how controlled my breathing was throughout and I managed to use some of the other things we’d done (like the hip circles and going into more neutral positions when it was too early to push).”

“I didn’t have a water birth but the midwives advised a bath at home. I have to say that it helped with the pain a lot but slowed down the contractions. I remembered your point about feeling the earth and as soon as I was on land again everything was at full speed again. Thank you so much.”


“I used the poses and breathing where possible and focused on all the teachings you gave us about how to find the beauty and joy in bringing a new person into the world (even though the birth wasn’t anything like I’d hoped for!) so thank you for passing those teachings on through your maternity yoga classes.’ And this about her little girl ‘she’s already cracking out some classic yoga poses!”




“I took part in Michelle’s pregnancy yoga since I was 18 weeks pregnant. A friend recommended her to me and I loved every week of it. I think I only missed two classes in 21 weeks, every week I really looked forward to Wednesday nights. Meant I could have an hour and half to myself which is luxury when you got a two year old toddler ;).

What I really liked about her yoga is that she made us work hard and explained why we did different poses and how they affect our bodies. It wasn’t just lying on the floor and breathing. It was all about getting our bodies ready for labour. Her 20 minute relaxation in the end was wonderful too. I felt very relaxed and refreshed after the class and slept very well that night. I had a planned home birth which all went to a plan and I’m sure practicing yoga helped me. Correct breathing and staying relaxed was a key to my successful labour experience.

I would highly recommend Michelle’s yoga class to every pregnant woman and I’m already (a week after birth of our baby boy) looking forward to get back to her yoga again!”

Sanna Palosaari

“I started pregnancy yoga with Michelle at 12 weeks after I had been attending her general classes, I am now 34 weeks, the classes have really helped me through my pregnancy with relaxation and posture. I really look forward to them every week. Michelle is a great teacher and thoroughly explains every move so you feel completely comfortable. I will definitely continue with yoga after the pregnancy”

Kirsty Brookman