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What people have to say about YogaRelax, the classes, 1-2-1 tuition, workshops & retreats…

“I have long suspected that yoga would be a good thing for me to do, for lots of reasons but I have never really enjoyed it. Too hard, not flexible enough and a bit boring was my experience and then I found Michelle’s class. And now I’m hooked. It’s dynamic, passionate, life nourishing, energising and with something new each week there’s no time to get bored. And it makes me feel amazing, for the first time ever I get the ‘yoga high’ people have talked about and it makes me want to come back every week and do more.”

Margherita Watt, Marketing Consultant

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your teaching, help and support throughout this year. Though I know I am only at the beginning of my yoga journey, it has already been a life changing experience. Pretty much all of my adult life I have participated in some form of fitness training, but the work I have done with you over the last year, even though in it’s infancy, has strengthened and improved me physically, beyond anything I have done before, but perhaps more importantly has helped me to start to understand and build a strength from within, a learning which is invaluable to me and for which I will always be grateful. I welcome the new year and the continuation of this rich and deeply humbling journey.” ~ Teri Dawkins

“I loved the concept of not only thinking about what is good for you as an individual in 2014 but also to the community and even the world. It brings us all together. Going yesterday felt like the beginning of a positive 2014 journey with yoga, with you,Michelle being a big part of it. I am very pleased I found your class! I can already see so many benefits from going to your classes including getting pregnant I think yoga helped as I was stronger and more relaxed”

Rachel Murray

“Michelle has an energy and passion for yoga that I find utterly liberating. I’m challenged, rewarded, guided and soothed everytime I step on my mat in Michelle’s house. Truly grateful, Namaste”

Daniella Tarrant, Retail Manager

“I love your positive attitude Michelle and gentle and generous spirit. You ispire confidence in everyone and you enthusiasm is contagious…!”

Michelle Wallace Actress

“Truly Inspirational teacher!”

Teri Dawkins

“thank you for introducing me to a form of yoga that I LOVE! I Can’t imagine my life without it now. I just love your classes and the vibe coming from the other people in the class. You get the feeling that there is no judgement and that we are all in this together and I also think the fact that you let us into your home makes it extra special”

Emily Levis

“I can’t recommend Michelle’s classes highly enough both for the sheer benefits of Yoga on your mind and body but also for Michelle’s skill as a teacher. Asthma had long prevented me from participating in any exercise but under Michelle’s guidance I have learned to manage my breathing, expand my lung capacity and as a result strengthen my overall body. I no longer use my inhaler and shortness of breath is a thing of the past.The weekly classes are friendly and welcoming and as participants are of mixed levels the classes are not intimidating to new starters.”

Eimear Hawker, Senior Technologist in Retail

“I find that my weekly class is not only making me more supple and increasing my energy levels but is also helping me feel more balanced. I think half of the enjoyment in learning something new is down to the teacher – and Michelle spends time showing you exactly how to get into the postures, is incredibly patient and her love of yoga inspires you to keep improving. I can’t recommend her highly enough”.

Lisa Lee, Consultant

“I have been attending Michelle’s classes for well over a year and I have enjoyed so many benefits. These have included: increased flexibility and general improvement in my sense of well-being. Michelle is patient,kind and has a clear and concise communication style. The lessons are structured, usually with a theme which is always explained to you. If you are unsure of anything she will take the time to explain it. I would have no hesitation in recommending her classes.”

James Grant

“Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed last nights class – challenging, relaxing and rewarding, loved it! See you next week…”

Suzanne Harris

“Michelle’s class is bliss! Whatever stresses or worries you arrive with are soon forgotten as she guides you through a yoga class that leaves you feeling invigorated, refreshed yet incredibly peaceful.”

Tamsyn Zietsman, Head of Publicity UKTV

“thank you again for making such a welcoming and focused space in your home to have these lovely retreat days and for being such an inspiring example of moving along the path despite obstacles.”

Micky Levoguer

“An enlightening & energising week in a spectacular location, providing a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life & a chance to absorb oneself entirely in the practise of Yoga.
Michelle’s varied & nurturing tuition allowed deep self-exploration, helping me to fully relax & grow in both mind & body. A completely rewarding retreat.”

Joni Rhodes

I’d wanted to do yoga for a while, but had been nervous about finding the right class/teacher. Working with Michelle has been brilliant. I started with some 1-2-1 sessions, which were a great introduction, allowing me to get my confidence up and ensuring I was doing the poses properly. Now I’m going to one of Michelle’s weekly classes which I really enjoy. Yoga is helping me to take time out and relax and find new ways to de-stress, as well as working on my muscle tone, strength and flexibility which feels great”

Rachel Nicholls, Charity Web Editor

“Thank you so much Michelle for such a wonderful day of re-energising the body, mind and soul!! I particularly liked the theme of the day and think it was just the thing that I need to move forward with my life ‘clear of obstacles’!! You are a wonderful teacher who is always wanting to impart your knowledge – we are all very privileged…. and such a great veggie cook aswell – totally spoilt us!! Much love and peace! Thank you!! ♥ ♥”

Deepi Sekhon

“I have been attending Michelle’s classes for a year now and within that time I feel I have really connected with the practice of yoga both physically, mentally and spiritually. The difference it has made in many aspects of my life is remarkable. I initially attended classes as a form of exercise and a way to relax as my lifestyle was out of balance in many ways. However I have really been inspired and motivated by Michelle’s teaching, for me it is now a significant part of my life. It is not just about exercise but about setting intention and opening up to the potential of what can be. I attended one of Michelle’s yoga retreats in autumn last year, which was an insightful and enlightening experience for me and since then many of the things in my life that I was working towards have resulted in positive outcomes. I now attend pregnancy yoga classes and feel the practice not only beneficial for my wellbeing but feel confident that it will also resonate to my baby.”

Margaret Cubbage, Curator

“I tried yoga a couple of times in the past, but never quite ‘got’ it but Michelle’s classes are different. Michelle makes sure you are doing things right, adjusts you and you don’t feel like an idiot if you can’t do it. Michelle explains what every position is doing to your the body and the benefits it will bring. I’ve been going for 6 months and definitely feel my body has toned up in all the right places and the breathing has really helped keep me calm! it’s the one date in the diary I keep to each week. I love it, it’s fab!”

Karen Dorling, TV Producer

“It is refreshing to find a teacher who genuinely cares about her students and their progress with Yoga. I enjoy Michelle ‘ s classes immensely and love how Michelle goes around the class and makes a slight adjustment and you really feel the posture. Through Yoga I feel more confident with what I can do with my body and mind ”

Nadia Badinelli, Carer

“I just wanted to say how inspiring I found the workshop on the 31st December. I came out of it feeling very positive and it was a really supportive atmosphere. I felt very focused and strong in it and felt that the practice itself was one big new year’s resolution without the need for over thinking about smaller resolutions if you know what I mean. thank you.”Jessica Holland

“Michelle is a great Mentor and really encourages the class to stay focused with our mind and body into yoga.”

Kelly Mussenden, Retail Manager