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Weekend Yoga Retreat

Weekend Yoga Retreat with Michelle Cross

26-28 September 2014

In South Devon 

Treat yourself to a dynamic, liberating all-inclusive weekend of Yoga, relaxation & exploration in the soul-stirring, awe-inspiring natural setting of the one of UK’s designated “areas of outstanding natural beauty”!

Honour The Divine Feminine…Women-in-the-sunset

This is for every Woman willing to remember, awaken and embrace her authentic self… who she truly is; a pulsating, living breathing expression of the powerful Divine Feminine, who’s essence is peace and nurturing love.

Dive deeper within your heart to emerge powerfully from the beauty all around…

Do you wish to be seen? To be heard? And know that you matter?

You have a feminine energy within you that is yearning for reconnection, to feel, to experience pleasure, to be touched, to be seen fully and completely, to be listened to, to surrender, to receive…the taste all of life

Taking of the masks! Sanmukhi Mudra

Taking of the masks! Sanmukhi Mudra

Through the Sacred practices of yoga you will learn to harness the abundant  feminine energy within,  to help you to say YES to all the pleasures life has to offer with gratitude. My invitation to you is to explore your body as a temple, to honour your inner Self with mindful moving prayers of the body. Each offering to yourself encourages you to take of the masks, open yourself and be vulnerable as you surrender… this is the request of the Divine Feminine; as you surrender and bow you connect to the enormity of the power within you. I’ll help you to reclaim yourself, rejuvenate your body, revive tired spirits, (if they are) and connect with your heart in a deep way, leaving you ready to return to everyday life with a feeling of awe for Life! this is how I felt after my first Navratri Sadhana….

I long to help you:

divine     Awaken your senses
    Get turned on to life
    Light up

this weekend retreat will show you how…

blossom into being

Theme for the Navratri Weekend is…

Step into your Power & Purpose.”

This year 2014 I have set an intention to truly honour the woman at her essence, through the cycles of her life and indeed the year, month, days and in every moment. you can read more about Honouring the Divine Feminine here. So this retreat is the biggest event of YogaRelax year to truly honour every woman. 


Dani PinchaTestimonial from previous retreats…“It is because of your amazing teaching, the positive challenges you gift to us, the alignments, the restorative poses and your great intuition, that has allowed my body to feel freed with an abundance of energy and strength! You have given me the tools to be able to achieve this, but perhaps more importantly to listen, to begin to understand, respond and nurture myself a little better and to a much better end. Thank you! xx”
Teri Dawkins

This weekend falls over the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn. In the Indian spiritual culture this is an auspicious time of celebration with Navratri, the nine nights of the Divine Feminine, the Mother, the Shakti (power) of the universe. My LOVE for this is immense and so I am truly pleased to be sharing with you. This celebration offers you an opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice/sadhana with the ancient practices of Yoga that ripple into the modern day. Across the weekend we will honour the Divine Feminine and her many faces ( just like our many faces and guises) and learn tools to consciously evolve more powerfully in the present day and our own presence.

ॐ  Would you like to transform the shadows within your life?
ॐ  Learn to fully come into your power as a woman
ॐ  Learn how to  ride Lions/tigers? :) even more learn what this means and embrace it?
ॐ  Realize the abundance of love, beauty & fertility with in you and all around you
ॐ  Overcome challenges and obstacles and be victorious!
ॐ  Blossom into Being, unfurl into your inherent radiance
ॐ  Speak  your Truth from your heart

“O friend, understand: the body is like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures. Open your innermost chamber and light its lamp” Mirabai

Wild Thing…Jai Ma!

Wild Thing…Jai Ma!

My invitation to you….Let’s open the inner chamber together, light the lamp of all your treasures and dive deeper your practice, your sadhana and truly Step into your power and observe your life and you awaken to all the mysteries inherently within…As you embrace Tantra you will turn on to life, illuminate the inner altar of your heart and this will reflect on the outer altar of your life in sublime flow and beauty…. And the natural beauty of the retreat centre will support and nurture your journey of blossoming into being….


chapel ॐ 9 Yoga sessions ~ whole weekend set in The Chapel (pictured opposite),
 ॐ Mantras, Mudras, Meditation, Pranayama in early morning puja
 ॐ homemade organic food, herbal tea, raw chocolate
 ॐ all rooms have tea & coffee making facilities
 ॐ Lounging, chilling, relaxing or go for walk & explore the valley
 ॐ Time for you to open, release and becOMe  or just BE more YOUrself.

The Venue

venueYour stay is in a gracious country house hotel offering comfortable accommodation in South Devon, one of the UK’s designated “Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty”. 
A special place to stay…. “Where you find delicious food, beauty, 
peace, art & space”

This retreat is a glorious escape from the hurly burly of day-to-day life, and sits in 67 acres of river valley in the South Hams so there’s plenty to explore and become in tune with nature that are ideal for meditative walks. Or you can rest and restore by open log fires kindling nurturing cheer. and space to just be…

Getting there: There is a regular train service from London Paddington. You will need to make your own travel arrangements by train, however I am truly encouraging car share if you are driving and so assistance will be provided to car share, etc.

Rooms & Price

I’ve kept the price at 2011 prices so grab a bargain for this a-MA-zing retreat!rooms
The gracious accommodation is home away from home. All rooms have bottled water from the natural spring, hot drink making facilities and digital televisions. So you can truly chill out. There are choices of rooms; shared twin or triple, single, double and ensuite or shared bathroom. Prices reflects room…

ॐॐ Early Bird offer ॐॐ

Book before 29 May 2014  or use my discount code:

£299 shared bathroom £315 ensuite

** single supplement still applies

after 25 May

ॐ twin/double/triple ensuite £335
ॐ twin/double shared bathroom £315

If you wish to book at the early bird price use my discount code:

visit this blog and you will find it as you read…

**single supplement £60 ensuite or £30 shared bathroom,

If you partner or friends wish to come but not practice yoga it’s £215, family rooms available too…
Children under 3 are FREE or over £135
your dog can come too for a small fee of £20

You can stay an extra night before or after the event too – enquire with me for more details!

Testimonial from previous retreats…A couple of years ago while searching for a yoga retreat on the internet, I came across Michelle and YogaRelax – the Universe was definitely with me that day! Michelle is a radiant and beautiful person and this is reflected in her teachings on the mat – strong, reflective vinyasa with attention to detail, but open to all levels of practitioner thanks to Michelle’s encouragement and adjustments. If you are looking for an uplifting and life changing experience, then YogaRelax is the place to find it. I am hoping to be able to attend Michelle’s retreats for years to come ♥ Alison Robertson

book now… only 6 places left!

email here for a booking form or more questions or right click here and save as this booking form

Experience the energising power of Vinyasa Yoga & Tantra PracticesVirabhdra vari

I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which is a ritualized practice that helps to improve strength and flexibility, yet beyond that offers you the opportunity to go deeper into your heart, and the heart of yoga and kindle the flames of the Heart-Fire. Every movement, every breath becomes an embodied prayer in the sacred ritual.

About the weekend
The gifts of Yoga are abundant, precious and illuminating as many facets of a jewel like a diamond… Tantra is liberating and ritualised, embracing all life, as you co-create your individual experiences, then align these with the bigger experiences of the universe the jewel shines even brighter. The Chapel will be the hOMe of yoga for the weekend, where I invite you to fully step into your own power as we weave mudras, mantras, meditation, asanas and pranayama to create a luminous tapestry of your life, exploring the sacred journey within the divine temple of your body, mind and heart.

Testimonial from previous retreats…”Thanks for such a lovely uplifting, heart opening and powerful weekend – it was really amazing and will definitely do again!! Such lovely people to be surrounded with….:-) xx♥”
Deepi Sekhon

Places are limited; book now to save your place!
To make a booking or for more information contact Michelle on:

07956 127366 or

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I look forward to sharing with you, Namaste, Michelle ♥