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29th March Wonder Woman

wonderwoman ~ A celebration of being a phenomenial, powerful,    voluptuous, sensual woman!  

 and a honouring of Mother’s day (30 March) and the New Moon  (30 March)!

  time: 3pm – 6.30pm

This is the first workshop honouring the Feminine…It arrives at a new cycle – as synchronicity would have it, as 30th March is the New Moon and Mother’s Day and British Summer Time, so this day is a celebration of the Mother… the mother moon and is honouring all of us women who are mother’s who nurture a project, a child, a desire….


So I invite you to embrace the powerful, wondrous feminine energy within you that is yearning for reconnection.. she longs to feel, to experience pleasure, to be touched, to be seen fully and completely, to be listened to, to surrender, to receive…the taste all of life…

Taking of the masks! Sanmukhi Mudra

Taking of the masks! Sanmukhi Mudra

I think every woman is Wonder Woman ~ she/you may just not yet have connected to her mysterious powers within…In this workshop I will reveal to you through the teachings of Yoga, we will use the healing empowering medicine of the breath, the dance of the asana, the mystical mudras and melodic mantra to connect to the Divine Feminine, the Goddess within. I long for you to release your outdated beliefs, just like taking off those borrowed clothes and putting on something new….

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anais Nins

are you ready to blossom?

The yoga practices, give you a tool to use your body to come to know yourself deeper, I invite you to go beyond the body and mind and step into the sacred…. And allow what is revealed in this workshop to nurture you at your essence, just like you nurture everyone else in your life! Allow the practices to awaken you to how sensational you are…

 Join me on the journey…. It’s so worth it. YOU are worth it (sorry L’Oreal!)

Wild Thing…Jai Ma!

Wild Thing…Jai Ma!

  Step into your Power and Relax into your Radiance 

  Awaken your senses

  Get turned on to life

  Light up



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this workshop will include a talk, contemplation, meditation, asana, pranayama, mudra, asana that begins with a dynamic awakening flow, that folds into a slow meditative flow leading to  deep relaxation….

email me to book this workshop and get ready to embrace your true Self Fully!

Investment £35 ~ you are worth every penny!

herbal tea, cake or raw cacao chocolate or treats after with a chat….