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Yoga Events ~ Immerse yourself in your Sadhana; Yoga Workshops & Yoga Retreats

Rejuvenation starts here for YOU!  explore more of your Self on the mat through these empowering workshops and Moon Sadhanas and then take the inspiration gifted to you of the mat and into your life and see it and you expand!

Watch a video of YogaRelax cOmmUNITY here

London Workshops  2015

Sunday 10th May Sacred Union Workshop 1.30-4.30pm £35



Sacred Union Workshop –  In this workshop we will explore both our Divine Masculine (Shiva) and Divine Feminine (Shakti) in the dance of creation. Everything in your experience in life, is held within a relationship, every thought, every sound, every action, all the pain or all the pleasures, every feeling is an expression of ShivaShakti and their sacred marriage and dance of life.

this workshop is about their relationship and ultimately your own relationship – how you choose to dive in deep or separate. together we will explore the intimacy of relationship…

It begins with a Tantric wedding and this workshop is your invitation-  are you ready to attend? take your place and truly be part of the Sacred Union?

read more about this workshop on the Sacred Union page

or accept my invitation,  places are limited and go fast book yours now email me

Om Namah Shivaya ॐ नमः शिवाय

19th July Shakti Service :: Play to Awaken your fullest potential as a woman. Fine Tune the Instrument of your body, to make sweet music…1.30 – 4.30pm

instrumentofbodyThe practices of yoga awaken you from within as if they are fine tuning the instrument of your body to a different frequency so that you resonates with life in a deeper more melodic way. I invite you to open your hips and lengthen your ham’strings’ in delightful ways.

As we come to the middle of the year, this fertile time of ripeness and blossoming, it is the perfect time to celebrate your feminine body. The Feminine body is like an instrument that she fine tunes through her senses and the music she plays depends on the different melodies in her life. Sometimes life is pulling, causing you to grip and push and tighten the strings of your instrument and it’s as if you are numb, flat and your instrument is playing out of tune!

Is this you~ do you feel like roaring or screaming in high pitch at life? Learn how to become more in tune, to feel and soften… read more or Email me to book your session today 

Sunday 8th November – 2-5pm – Remembrance and honour the Light within

This workshop honour Remembrance Sunday and a pre ~ Diwali celebration

cOMe with an open heart, to drink in the Divine so you shine frOM within. As we cOme to the end of the year, how has your year, your life, you transformed? Come celebrate and remember. what you SEEk is already present, through the practices its a process of taking off the mask to reveal & remember

RumiThis is just before Diwali, the festival of lights, that embraces your victory of good over challenges… challenges are part of life, sometimes we go into the darkness to learn, explore, evolve and bring the darkness to light. As this season turns to darker nights, let’s remember our inner radiance and illuminate..

what do you need to light up in your life?

what would you like to bring to light and heal?

The light of higher knowledge will dispels your doubts. we will use strong vinyasa practices weaving the asanas with pranayama, supported and nurtured with mantra and mudras..

together, I invite you to reflect over the year and see how you have truly transformed – even if you cannot see it, allow the practice to reveal it to you…as will be my honour to show you what i see in you!

This is a day to celebrate Diwali ~ the festival of lights email me to book this workshop and get ready to embrace your luminosity!

Investment £35

~ ♥ ~

The Moon Sadhana continue 2015

full-moon-4th May Bank Holiday Full Moon Sadhana, 6-8pm at The Shala, West Norwood £18

2nd July Full Moon Sadhana  named The Honey Moon

31st July Full Moon  Sadhana 7.45-915pm at The Shala, West Norwood £15

Read more about the Moon and how She has helped transform my life in my blogs Honouring Mother Moon and Moon Sadhana  – maybe these will help you to practice your own Moon Sadhana at your home- we are all under the same Moon!

Follow the Moons cycle in your own hOMe honouring the new and the Full with my/our recorded class on the Online Classes page or see a preview on the Vinyasa Flow Videos page with me practising to the recorded class hence my mouth not moving :-). heres the dates for your diary


5 January Full Moon
20 January New Moon
3 February Full Moon
18 February New Moon
5 March Full Moon
20 March New Moon
4 April Full Moon
18 April New Moon
4 May Full Moon – YogaRelax Full Moon Sadhana Class in London
18 May New Moon
2 June Full Honey Moon – embrace the sweetness! at class on your mats
16 June New Moon
2 July Full Moon
16 July New Moon
31 July Full Moon Guru Purnima, Honouring all the teachers in our life.

More Testimonials from previous events:

Thank you for the most amazing and lifting weekend. It has opened my heart to new ways of seeing, new possibilities, and new beginnings…. An unexpected gift of the weekend was my introduction to meditation. I had no idea how powerful this could be for me and how restorative. Woke up this morning and sat in quiet mediation for 30 mins…. I look forward to seeing you at yoga class again soon. Much love Teri xx”  Teri Dawkins

“Thanks for such a lovely uplifting, heart opening and powerful weekend – it was really amazing and will definitely do again!! Such lovely people to be surrounded with….:-) xx♥”  Deepi Sekhon

“An enlightening & energising week in a spectacular location, providing a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life & a chance to absorb oneself entirely in the practise of Yoga. Michelle’s varied & nurturing tuition allowed deep self-exploration, helping me to fully relax & grow in both mind & body. A completely rewarding retreat.”
Joni Rhodes

“My yoga practice has been enhanced, I liked being adjusted”in postures and the yoga was varied, interesting and Michelle is very inspiring…thank you!”
Carole Shibley

“Thank you very much for the retreat, Michelle. The entire experience was wonderful, and our experience with you has much improved and much strengthened our own yoga routine at home. We’re looking forward to your next yoga retreat”  Felicia Kleiner-Smith & Roddy McDowall

“Michelle is encouraging and firm enough to push you to your edge, as a Yoga teacher I loved this – excellent and varied Yoga Practice ”  Catherine Ogilvie