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Relaxation starts here for YOU! A restful time to be had with Yoga and a holiday/retreat combined, away from your everyday life to explore more of your Self on & off the mat!


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Workshops / Retreats 2014

Full Moon Sadhana

With the huge success of the new moon candle light classes, as we spring forward into the summer we now start to honour the Full Moon, with vibrant, bright Full Moon flows to honour the fullness of you. Create a sacred ritual to open and embrace the natural cycles of life, which bring you into a fuller rhythm of who you are.

ॐ Learn how can practising with the Full Moon empower me to come into my own unique Fullness…

ॐ  Through the practice step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.. create space to grow fuller and brighter with clarity!

new-divine-femininehere’s the words of a client after a New Moon class “I felt as if I was in the presence of a strong mother, welcoming and soothing with her candlelight, but simultaneously seeking to embolden and liberate with her focus on groundedness and strength.
I love your classes, Michelle.  Through you, Yoga has become an integral part of my life and I am so happy that I have been able to bring about so many positive changes to my life already.  I look forward to 2014.”

13th June 7.30-9pm Special Live Music with Jason KaliDas Lunar Ragas just £10
12th July Full Moon Sadhana FREE Class  10-11.30am read more about this class here
10th August 11-12.30pmfull-moon-
9th September 7.30-9pm
8th October 7.30-9pm Last Full Moon Sadhana

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26-28 September 2014 Weekend Yoga Retreat in South Devon

~ “Step into your Power & Purpose.”

arrivedThis retreat is one for the Ladies to truly come to know yourself more fully in every way…

ॐ Do you wish to be seen? To be heard? And know that you matter?
You have a feminine energy within you that is yearning for reconnection, to feel, to experience pleasure, to be touched, to be seen fully and completely, to be listened to, to surrender, to receive…the taste all of life…Through the sacred Tantra yoga practices I share tools with you to help you go beyond the shadows in your life and bring them to light, so you flow with ease and embrace every aspect of yourself

cOMe reconnect, Step into your Power and Relax into your Radiance
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Saturday 25 October – 2-30-5.30pm – deLIGHTful Diwali, shine frOM the light within

cOMe with an open heart, to drink in the Divine so you shine frOM within. As we cOme to the end of the year, how has your year, your life, you transformed? Come celebrate the beginner of Diwali, the festival of lights, revealing your victory of good over evil…

Invoking Ganesha and Lakshmi, to remove the obstacles in your path so you taste the sweetness and reveal the true radiant beauty within you. The light of higher knowledge will dispels your doubts. we will use strong vinyasa practices weaving the asanas with pranayama supported and nurtured with mantra and mudras.. this afternoon will be the start of 5 days of Diwali and allow you to reflect on your year and set you up for the close of 2014, ready for 2015!

together, I invite you to reflect over the year and see how you have truly metamorphosed – even if you cannot see it, allow the practice to reveal it to you…as will be my honour to show you what i see in you!

This is a day to celebrate the start the 5 days of Diwali ~ the festival of lights email me to book this workshop and get ready to embrace your luminosity!

Investment £35 or if you book this workshop and January day retreat it’s the magic number £108 – read more about why 108

Weekend Retreat

Urban Yoga Retreat Weekend at hOMe of Yoga, West Norwood, London, UK

dates follow soon…

~ ♥ ~

More Testimonials from previous retreats:


Thank you for the most amazing and lifting weekend. It has opened my heart to new ways of seeing, new possibilities, and new beginnings…. An unexpected gift of the weekend was my introduction to meditation. I had no idea how powerful this could be for me and how restorative. Woke up this morning and sat in quiet mediation for 30 mins…. I look forward to seeing you at yoga class again soon. Much love Teri xx”  Teri Dawkins

“Thanks for such a lovely uplifting, heart opening and powerful weekend – it was really amazing and will definitely do again!! Such lovely people to be surrounded with….:-) xx♥”  Deepi Sekhon

“An enlightening & energising week in a spectacular location, providing a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life & a chance to absorb oneself entirely in the practise of Yoga. Michelle’s varied & nurturing tuition allowed deep self-exploration, helping me to fully relax & grow in both mind & body. A completely rewarding retreat.”
Joni Rhodes

“My yoga practice has been enhanced, I liked being “corrected” in postures and the yoga was varied, interesting and Michelle is very inspiring…thank you!”
Carole Shibley

“Beautiful Location, longer meditation on the platform was brilliant. You are an inspirational and wonderful teacher, thank you for sharing!”  Bridget Leeming

“Michelle is encouraging and firm enough to push you to your edge, as a Yoga teacher I loved this – excellent and varied Yoga Practice “  Catherine Ogilvie

“Thank you very much for the retreat, Michelle. The entire experience was wonderful, and our experience with you has much improved and much strengthened our own yoga routine at home. We’re looking forward to your next yoga retreat”  Felicia Kleiner-Smith & Roddy McDowall